What people say

“I own a riding school that is committed to the welfare of our horses and we strive to provide ethical riding lessons that the horses will enjoy as much as the riders. Alize visited us to help me with non coercive training methods for ridden work. It is important to me that we work in partnership with our horses as much as possible, as after all, we have chosen this job but they haven't! Alize is very knowledgeable and enthusiastic about sharing her knowledge as much as possible, she is thorough and keen to help. She has a friendly and non judgemental manner and I learned a lot from training with her. We worked with horses both at liberty and ridden and Alize showed me many useful techniques that will help us maximise the welfare of our working horses. ”

From East Devon Riding School




What services do you offer?

We offer a wide range of bespoke services at an affordable price including:

  • Introductory private lessons and workshops to learning theory and clicker training for beginners

  • Ground and riding lessons using +R

  • Online coaching

  • Assistance with behavioural problems.

  • Writing services for courses and magazines.


Where do you teach?

Our teaching area for regular training sessions includes South Wales (Cardiff, Newport and Bridgend area) and England (Gloucester and Weston-Super-Mare area). We can, however, offer full-day workshops everywhere in the UK and abroad. Simply contact us if you are interested in hosting.


How much does it cost?

A single, in-person session cost £30 + petrol fee.  Discounted rates are available for registered equine charities and long-term clients.


About our online coaching service

Our online coaching sessions involve a 45 minutes ZOOM call during which we review training videos you filmed prior to the session using the screen sharing feature. In addition to video analysis, you will be able to ask any of your questions live and to discuss what's next in your training. A single session cost £25 and a block of 4 sessions can also be purchased at £80.

Other species

We extend our services to a range of domestic and exotic species. From dogs to goats, from reptiles to birds. We apply our same guiding principles to other species so you can be sure that your animal will be trained humanely using scientific principles. Depending on the issue, your location and your level of experience we offer online coaching services through ZOOM (same rate as for horses) or in-person sessions (£25/hour + petrol fee). 


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