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"Humane, science-based horse training: Introduction to learning theory and exercises for everyday handling, care and fitness."

Humane, science-based horse training is a type of training where the user combines an evidence-based understanding of equine behaviour with their genuine love and respect for horses in order to train and handle horses in an ethical yet effective way. This book with introduce you to the science behind animal training and explain how you can use positive reinforcement and other non-coercive techniques to train a wide range of behaviours. It also includes over 25 step-by-step training plans so you can go out and teach your horse to give his feet, lead calmly, back up, play fetch and so much more.


This book is written by animal trainer and behaviourist Alizé Veillard-Muckensturm who holds a 1st class Bsc (Hons) in animal behaviour and welfare from Hartpury University. She is best known for her book "Humane, science-based horse training" which at the time (2017) was the first horse training book not to suggest the use of any aversives.


The 2nd edition has 30+ new pages including a new section on consent training, 7 new training plans, new theory exercises and answers to frequently asked questions.

Buy the 2nd edition of our book


Amazon now stock the 2nd edition.

They also stock the 1st edition so be careful when buying.

The book is also available from most book retailers including Waterstones and Target.

Readers reviews of the 1st ed.

“I am a professional horse behaviour consultant and animal trainer and this is currently the ONLY book I can recommend without reservation to owners of equines. It's the only book on using positive reinforcement with horses that doesn't at some point encourage owners to continue using pressure to produce behaviour and then add a treat on top. Bearing in mind that English is not the writer's first language, the material presented is simple, to the point, technically accurate in terms of the science and has some beautiful photography. I would never encourage someone to train a horse from a book - and neither does the author - but this is recommended reading for anyone who does come to me for help, or who wants to introduce a friend to the concept without overwhelming them ”

From Maxine Easey


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