Do you want to learn about natural horse behaviour and equine psychology?

Come to one of our event or help us organise an event near you!


Fairhorsemanship offers lectures on equine ethology, learning theory and animal training days for adults and children. If you are interested in helping us organize an event near you contact us for more details.

Check out pictures from past events in England, Ireland and Portugal to get an idea of what to expect from our lectures and training days.

"The workshop provided a vast amount of learning opportunities and huge insight into horse behaviour and psychology. I really learned so much and it helped me putting a different and more realistic perspective on my relationship with my horse." From Claudia Hamilton (attended a 1day lecture on equine ethology and psychology in Scotland)


"Alizé's lessons, practical and theory, were a lot of fun and I learned an enormous amount as well as being able to brush up on my rusty clicker training with my 12yr old dog, Teddy. Alizé is a very generous teacher and incredibly patient with animals and humans. Thank you for a lovely, informative weekend. " From Emma Crabtree (attended 2day of theory and practice in Portugal)


“We had a fantastic day on Sunday with Alizé learning about training horses with positive reinforcement. Lots of subjects were covered, from teaching food manners to ridden work, solving problems and teaching new behaviours. All done using science based techniques that create successful training without stressing the horse. Alizé is so friendly and helpful, she even stayed long beyond the scheduled end of the day to continue sharing her knowledge!” From East Devon Riding School (hosted 1day of theory and practice in England)