"Humane, science-based horse training is a type of training where the user combines an evidence-based understanding of equine behaviour with his genuine love and respect for horses in order to train and handle horses in an ethical yet effective way.

This book will introduce you to the science behind animal training and explain how you can use positive reinforcement and other non-coercive techniques to train a wide range of behaviours. It also include twenty or so step by step training plans so you can go out and teach your horse to give his feet, lead calmly, back up and so much more."

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Humane, science-based horse training: Introduction to learning theory and exercises for everyday handling, care and fitness


A4 paperback with 102pages. A must-read book for anyone looking for an ethical, yet effective way to train horses. 

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Unfortunately we cannot. This is because all books are shipped directly by the printing company we are using. Please feel free to bring your copy at any of my events for us to sign.


Will the book be available on Amazon?

Yes but at a later date. This is because from 02/09/2017 to 02/10/2017 we are giving 10% of our profit to the equine charity. Something we couldn’t afford doing due to the high percentage taken by Amazon on each sale.


What charity are you supporting?

For one month we are giving 10% of the profit we make from selling this book to the non-profit equine charity “Empowered Equines” to help care for their latest rescue, Windfall. To better understand our decision to raise money for this particular horse please read Windfall story  "The Amish Horse". Empowered Equines is a non-profit rescue, which uses positive reinforcement (the main training method advocated in our book) to rehabilitate physically or/and emotionally damages equines. To learn more about their fantastic work visit their website.


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    Donna commons (Monday, 25 September 2017 08:57)

    This is an easy to read book giving you an understanding about why the horse reacts in different situations and helps healing these with Positive Reinforcement. A must have buy for any Horseman / woman wanting to understand and be at one with there horse through Clicker Training.