In a world dominated by the use of aversives, Fairhorsemansip offers an alternative to the mainstream equestrian competitions by creating horse-friendly challenges for reward-based horse owners/trainers. In theses international online challenges, equine and handler perform predetermined tasks on foot designed to test and improve their horse agility and horse training skills. To participate the handler must train the horse to complete the tasks using positive reinforcement and other non-coercive training tools such as habituation. Rosettes are awarded to every competitors that get less than 25 marks removed and useful feedback is given to all.


Want to learn more? Read the guidelines HERE!

Featuring participants from January '15

Featuring participants from February '15

Each level has several challenges to choose from select the one you would like to work on.

New challenges are added regularly.

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There is no level expert tests available yet.

POSTAGE INFORMATION please read carefully before paying for your entry


  • Postage is free to anywhere in the United Kingdom.
  • Unfortunately postage to the United States and Canada is £4.10 and therefore the price of the entry does not cover postage of the rosette.
  • Similarly postage to Europe is £3.25.
  • If you score enough points to win a rosette and wish to receive your rosette you will have to pay the postage fee. Please do not pay the postage fee before receiving your score by email.
  • If you do not wish to receive a rosette you do not have to pay the postage fee, only the entrance fee (£5). Instead we will donate the price of the rosette to the equine charity "Prince Fluffy Kareem" in addition we will send you a digital certificate of completion instead of the rosette.
  • Cheaper alternatives: If more than 1 person enter from the same barn we can group the rosettes in the same parcel for the same price. Similarly if you plan on entering several challenges we can send all your rosettes after a few challenges in only one parcel. 
1 Entry to 1 challenge

The entry fee for any challenge at any level. If you win a rosette it will be shipped to your billing address in 2nd class when applicable. (To keep entries affordable we do not track our mail.) This price does not include postage of rosettes outside the united kingdom.

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Rosette shipping cost [United State or Canada]

Only pay shipping cost once you receive your results, only select this option if you enter from the US or Canada.

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Rosette shipping cost [Europe -not including UK-]

Only pay shipping cost once you receive your results, only select this option if you enter from the Europe AND outside from the UK. Don't forget that shipping to the UK is free.

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In these challenges there is no deadline. Received entries are reviewed once a week. Please make sure you read ALL the guidelines before entering.


Once you have paid for your entry send us a message with the following information:

  • the name of the handler
  • the name of the horse
  • your level and the number of the challenge
  • the link to your video.
  • If you wish to receive a rosette (if outside the UK)

(If sending multiple entries please send all entries in 1 email.)

Note: Please fill out the fields marked with an asterisk.